Virtual Cream Tea Gathering - Solent MGOC

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Virtual Cream Tea Gathering

Members Virtual Cream Tea Gathering
(Easter - 2020)

As the Covid 19 lockdown and social distancing continues,
our Solent members were missing meeting up with each other
and being able to use our MGs.
This event was an attempt to bring members together,
have an excuse to get all glammed up,
celebrate Easter and remember our shared love of MGs.

The various pictures below show the seven couples that took part !!!


     Rob Lenoir & Annie Vicars
                        (Looks delicious)

         Peter & Julia Tipping
      (Who felt very lonely on Easter Sunday, so
     invited some friends to their little cream tea).

Paul & Eve Perry
(Champagne to the fore
 at this gathering)
        David & Pauline Bromly

Above :-            "Tucking in together
                        ...lovely bubbly !"

Above right :-     "Ackerman bubbly and
                         MG glasses. Souvenirs
                         from September's
     French trip."

Bottom right :-    "Which comes first,
                          cream or jam ?"
             Gareth & Angie Dickens

No cream tea because of Angie's
diabetes, but we did have a traditional
Easter Sunday roast lamb dinner with
all the trimmings washed down with a
nice glass of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.
Also, pics of garden flamingos and
Angie's window display.
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